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​​​​​​​Kate Ritchie - Ballarat Celebrant Funeral Celebrant

As a professional working Vocalist/Singer for over 15 years in Australia & overseas my appreciation for good quality sound systems developed greatly.  I’m not a huge fan of headset microphones or lapel mics, just due to the quality when used in a small PA application such as a wedding, I prefer a top quality handheld microphone which will allow for anyone who needs to speak to do so and it will be clear, crisp and audible.  Now as an Authorised Civil Celebrant for the last 9 years, that appreciation for good audio remains. Besides my own personal standards for this, it is set out in the Code of Practice for Marriage Celebrants by the Attorney General that:
“A marriage celebrant must make efforts to ensure that the marriage ceremony is audible to all those present”

You would think this to be common sense yeah?  Mmmm…. unfortunately not, I experienced this first hand prior to becoming a Celebrant whilst at a Ballarat wedding……to be honest I may as well as have just turned up to the Reception, because besides seeing the gorgeous Bride arrive and walk to the back of the garden for the ceremony…I did not hear one word of that ceremony, nor did anyone with the exception of the 10-people seated immediately near the couple.  I remember feeling really annoyed about it!!!

Throughout my years as a Celebrant I’ve always used good sound equipment, though the systems weren’t necessarily as compact as I would’ve liked and they weren’t wireless, so the added leads and battery packs were a draw back. 

MY NEW SYSTEM IS A CRACKER !!!  It is best portable battery operated PA system on the market, it’s wireless has dual batteries that accurately display exactly how much battery is left, it has Bluetooth built in, I can control music directly from my tablet without needing to go near the PA itself.  We can still connect an iPod if needed as well as an additional microphone.  THE SOUND IS TRULY GREAT…. it has exceptional power to deal with larger outdoor areas and still cut it, this system is very professional which ensures the potential of your ceremony is maximized through music and guest’s engagement in the proceedings.

BRIDES & GROOMS ARE GOING TO LOVE MY NEW P.A. SYSTEM AT THEIR CEREMONY............Let me tell you why............

Kate Ritchie Celebrant - Audio

Music creates atmosphere – clever use of music elevates emotions, interest and creates momentous occasions!
When the Bride is ready to walk down the aisle to that special song, have no doubt, everyone will know!
Each and every person at the ceremony will be able to hear the ceremony clearly and easily.
When guests can hear clearly, they become engaged in what is happening!
Even your videographer will love this PA, they will be able to plug directly in and record crystal clear audio.